The value of an EDP Award

The EDP Association grants the EDP Awards to the best products of the year to acknowledge the value of the research and development tasks of the industry. The logo that identify the EDP Awards is a quality and innovation mark.

The evaluation of the EDP Awards is based on innovation. The EDP Technical Committee consists of independent consultants, editors, engineers and other related professionals which judges the products on the value of the technical abilities they offer. This can be innovation in the technology that improves speed, quality, usability and functionality or reduces environmental impact as well as cost to the user.
Accolades given to products not only infuse confidence and credibility, but signify highest quality to professionals and end-users. And only the very best respective innovative products are taken into consideration.

Each EDP magazine promotes the EDP Awards through both printed and web pages to ensure that they receive growing international recognition and superior status within the digital print industry.