Print & Publishing/Plakativ 

Print and output technologies

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Print & Publishing was founded right after the fall of the Iron Courtain in 1990 as a Hungarian-Austrian joint venture covering all means of printing and publishing. With growing impact of digital technologies a permanent supplement called Plakativ for large format and advertising technologies was added in 2003. Print & Publishing/Plakativ always is Hungaries leading trade magazine on print digital output technologies.

Publishing house: 
Print & Publishing Kiadoi Kft., 2120 Dunakeszi, Piroska u. 12.
+36 27 633-911

Tolnai László
+36 30 921-7760

Editorial director:
Rudolf Messer 
+43 699 11655760

General publishing data:
Publishing area: Hungary, Hungarian speaking parts of Romania and Slovakia
Magazine format: A4
Published bimonthly
Circulation: 6,000 copies 

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Advertising manager: Sebestyén Zsuzsa
+36 30 500-3644