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Publish Russia is a leading monthly magazine for Russian graphic arts and publishing industries. It covers prepress, digital and traditional offset printing, paper and other consumables, graphic design and layout. It features regular reviews of prepress and printing equipment and independent product tests. 

Publishing house: 
Open Systems Publications, post box 42, Moscow, 127254

Denis Samsonov
+7 495 725 4780

Editorial director:
Igor Terentyev
+7 495 725 4780

General publishing data:
Publishing area: Russian Federation
Magazine format: 208 x 285 mm
Published 10 times a year (with double issues in January/February, July/August)
Circulation: 6,000 copies (print) 4,000 electronic copies (PDF and mobile versions)

Please follow this link to the media-kit:

Advertising manager: Polina Sokolyuk
+7 495 725 4780